The setting through the natural setting of “the beach” Harry

The setting through the natural setting of “the beach” Harry, Vic, Gwen and Jim are all positioned together. This setting acts as a contrast to the beginning of the play, where the characters are staged indoors. By the end, the storm has brought the families physically and spiritually together – a sense of acceptance and new understandings have been revealed, through the symbolic setting of the natural landscape, and light and dark imagery.
Jim states that they found their way back to the camping area “by chance” after staying in a motel that “wasn’t our sort of place”. This suggests that Gwen and Jim still desire to move upward class-wise, however the togetherness they have stumbled upon happened unexpected, and actually was triggered by Meg’s desire to “take a chance for once and see what was here”. (contrast in attitude between the parents and Meg).


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