Plagiarism Help or Hindrance Does plagiarism help or hinder learners Plagiarism is like a double-edge sword

Plagiarism Help or Hindrance Does plagiarism help or hinder learners Plagiarism is like a double-edge sword. It can help and it can hinder the learner. It teaches the learner not to copy someone elses original work, learn how to do their own work and realize the consequences of plagiarizing. Plagiarism is defined as an act of stealing another persons original work and passing it off as your own. However some students chose not to understand this principle and refuse to adhered to the rules and ramifications of plagiarism. Therefore, when all is said and done, plagiarism can lead to being expelled from school and far worse consequences even jail time. The question is can plagiarism actually help or hinder the development and teaching of the learner. The historical background of plagiarism is that its descent comes from the Latin word plagiarius, which means to seize and plagiare, to rob. Plagiarism actually started during the Elizabethan Era, (1558-1608) where it is depicted that Shakespeare actually stole many of his plans from other writers. Shakespeare, however isnt the only one guilty of passing anothers work as his own. From famous writers, poets, actors and civil rights leaders, it seem as if no one was exempt from committing this inexcusable crime. What makes a leaner plagiarize he solution should be positive that is, show students how to act as responsible scholars and writers. The same tone should be reflected in the syllabus. I have seen many syllabi in which the penalties for plagiarism are laid out in excruciating detail, with no positive models or behavior mentioned. Surely by now we know that positive motivation trumps the negative variety. It should help students avoid plagiarism rather than focus on our catching it. The solution should objectively strengthen both students and teachers. It should also make students and teachersfeelas though they are stronger.


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