As compared to the single- aperture eye

As compared to the single- aperture eye, compound eyes have poor image resolution. The benefit of compound eye is that they possess a very large view angle, have ability to detect fast movements and also detect the polarization of light in some cases. (Volkel,R.,Eisner, M. etal june 2003.p. 461-472)
There are two types of compound eyes one of them is apposition eyes, that form multiple inverted images, and the other is superposition eyes , that form a single erect image.(Gaten, Edward 1998)
1. Apposition Eyes:
These can be divided into two groups. The typical apposition eye has a lens focusing light from one direction on the rhabdom, while light from other directions is absorbed by the dark wall of the ommatidium. Mantis shrimp is an advanced example of this type of eye.


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