1. To develop a thorough understanding and knowledge of aseptic technique and culture transfer procedures.
2. To study on how to maintain the sterility during microbiological work.
3. To define knowledge of sterile technique.
4. To learn how to safety transfer cultures of microorganisms from one container to another without contaminating the cultures or exposing yourself to them.
5. To describe the colonial morphology of microorganisms who will growth.

As conclusion, all of the objective is successfully achieved. There is no growth of any microorganism in the broth when using the aseptic technique which is clear as initial condition. By the end of this experiment, we studied on how to perform microbiological work by maintaining the laboratory condition, methods and techniques which will render sterility called aseptic technique. This technique improves microbiological work which is to identify growth of only desired pure culture and not affected with other microorganisms. Observation supports the objective of this experiment. It is highly recommended to use aseptic technique to perform such microbiological work in order to enhance accuracy in findings.

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