Ninja Climbing

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Ninja Climbing is an action platform game, in which the goal is to climb as high as possible and beat your previous personal bests. The Ninja is controlled by tilting your device left and right – he does the fighting and jumping on his own. On the way up dangerous enemies will appear, trying to stop you. The higher you climb, the more deadly the opponents become. But Ninja has many ways of aiding himself in his quest. He can wield a variety of weapons and wear different armor, as well as use boosters – special disposable items, that disappear after one game, but can greatly help in the struggle.

Featuring simple, casual gameplay, Ninja Climbing is suitable for playing in almost any situation. Easy in the beginning, it quickly becomes a challenge and the player will need to adopt different tactics and use items wisely. With beautiful cartoon-style graphics, nice Oriental-style music and funny sounds, the game offers a lot of entertainment to anyone, of any age.

As it is with all our games – this one also is free and designed for both smartphones and tablets.

  • The Tower awaits you. Do you have the courage to step in?

  • Hordes of enemies will try to stop you in your quest, they’ll have to be dealt with.

  • Ninja needs to have a great sence of balance, agility and fighting skills to be successful.

  • Boosters can be a tremendous help – use them wisely, as you can only have three of them active at the same time.

  • With dozens of weapon and armor upgrades you’ll reach higher and higher, and encounter even stronger enemies!

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