A unique twist in the gem-oriented games family

Colorino is a gem-themed game, but with a unique and challenging gameplay. With the market oversaturated with “match-3″-based games, we decided to make something different. In Colorino you don’t swap gems, you place them on the board in order to remove complete rows and columns. When placing a tile, you need to match either the color or the shape of an existing tile. The goal is to use this mechanics to remove all marked tiles from the board. Featuring hundreds of levels, a smooth difficulty curve and some very clever challenges, Colorino offers weeks and months of quality puzzle entertainment.

The game has been widely recognized by reviewers from top mobile game-related sites:
- it’s a selected member of GreatApps, an elite mobile app site
- featured in Best Apps of June on AndroidTapp, with overall score 4.8/5 and a Must Play feature
- received a rating of 4.5/5 from Android Games Pro
- got a 4/5 rating from Android Headlines
- rated Great! by AppsZoom

And to quote one of fans of Colorino:
“O.M.G… it gets harder after level 100? I need to warn some friends & family so they know what to tell the psychiatrists when I’m committed!! 0.o”

Colorino is a free game designed for both smartphones and tablets. Contains in-app purchases.

  • Yes. The music is indeed great, and the gameplay casual and very intuitive.

  • You can keep playing as long as you keep your lives above zero – that’s hundreds upon hundreds of levels!

  • The principle is really simple, but the puzzles will give your brain a lot of challenges!

  • That’s right, if for any reason you need to clarify how the game works, the tutorial is there for you.

  • Yes, losing the game doesn’t mean that you have to start from scratch – once you unlock a level, you can start a new game on it anytime!

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