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What we do and who we are?

Making games always was one of our dreams. We were always dedicated gamers, but at some point it wasn’t enough anymore. We discovered that designing and creating games can be as much fun as playing them, so we decided to start making them professionally. This gives us a lot of satisfaction, particularly when people who play our games occasionally express their appreciation – it feels pretty good to be able to bring some joy into the lives of others!

Red Prawn Games is a development studio as well as game publisher. While our core activity is and will always be associated with mobile games creation, we also do non-game mobile apps, web applications, mobile marketing, consulting and more. We’re open to discussing any and all possibilities for partnership and cooperation – be it revenue share, co-publishing, co-development. If you feel like proposing any kind of deal, just give us a word and together we’ll look for possibilities.

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